Demo 2011

by King Nine

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You never picked me up Helped me get back where I left off The bonds the you share are with yourself And they're not for anyone else Your minds to clouded You were never down for the cause I remember a time when we walked alone And this fight was all we had I won't let you claim what's mine Step aside I can't hear your words You're minds too clouded Now your backs turned to us Down for life You and I don't walk the same paths Somewhere you fell off track We cant just turn our backs and walk away This is our lives and it's all at stake You fell off.
We keep pointing the finger but were both to blame A friendship that will never be the same You hate me. I hate you. A tale that will always be true How do I listen to my heart A game I never wanted to start How do I just turn away Friends close as blood now enemies We offer nothing to each A friendship now out of reach
Can't change the fact that this life is unfair Clock ticks away drains your life left here Growing up try to do what's right A fools way brings the end of your life I choose to never see the world that you see You're the one who has his eyes closed not me I'll choose the roads that I want Walk paths you only dream of It's my life to live and I won't waste my time I see what's really happening and it's not for me A chain to hold you down to your false identity Push me towards my edge I won't fall I've made my choices No compromise no more The powers that be they got a plan for me Put me to work and never let me be free
State of the world too cold for anyone to live in Death disease pain, an apocalyptic vision Knowing our reality is about to be a tragedy Consumed by the nightmare that surrounds me A cruel god pours his hate on the world Letting us get caught in the twirl of his wand We get sucked into a dark realm God watching and laughing as we pray for help A man killed for his cash nobody stops to look around They all forget before his body hits the ground He's got a kid forced to grow up alone Broken down his hell is now his home Cold and sad, lost and alone The world has turned its back Nothing to call his own A girl forced out of home by the city Living on the streets now Uses drugs to cope with the pain Now she needs it in her veins Sex for money. Money for drugs Lost and alone looking for love


released October 25, 2011


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King Nine New York, New York

King Nine is a hardcore band from long island, new york

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